EDSN Foundation is a Leader in Long-Term Community Engagement for Education Development.   We enable small, self-help, neighborhood groups to access educational opportunities emerging technologies afford, while managing side effects (including responsibilities) these technologies bring.

Theoretical framework based on elements from David Colander and Roland Kupers' work in Complexity and the Art of Public Policy: Solving Society's Problems from the Bottom Up

The Education for Development and Support Network Foundation (EDSN) is a charitable trust for long-term education community engagement through small, self-help groups toward personal and neighborhood development.   Education engagement involves use of computer mediation or Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the creation, transmission, and use of knowledge to solve problems that people living in these neighborhood communities view as important.

We view education as a social process for growth and development in neighborhood communities.   For the EDSN Foundation, “education is, not a preparation for life; education is life itself.”   Our focus therefore is on solving small problems that are soaked through with personal and social situations in which group members find themselves ((John Dewey, 1936). (See details).

Ways We Can Help You Participate ...

We offer safe and convenient ways to help individuals participate in their neighborhood community development through education as defined in the spirit of education philosopher John Dewey.   Education, on Dewey’s account, is the creation, transmission, and use of knowledge with the convenience of evolving technology - not in preparation for life, but as a way of life itself.   This way of life involves empowering and protecting individual freedoms towards: open education, the entrepreneurial spirit, access to the commons, sustainable shared environments, and collective well-being - without sacrificing one for another.
Check here if you would like to know more about our programs listed below, or if you just want to give us your feedback:

(1) Free full feature community calendar services for showcasing local neighborhood events;
(2) Free workflow tracking and project development management services;
(3) Free Neighborhood Community webpage development and governance oversight services;
(4) Neighborhood gateway programs towards higher education, engaged citizenry, and meaningful vocations;
(5) Plexlearning education workshops in useful Computer and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications;
(6) Internships in community engagement education (creation, transmission, and use of knowledge);
(7) Entrepreneurial Philanthropy opportunities in your neighborhood community;
(8) Cultural and environmental awareness, and perseveration programs;

Solutions that bridge small, personal, but important and respected quality of life gaps, collectively promotes neighborhood economic development which in turn, embolden individuals to escape many forms of helplessness benevolent entrapment brings.

Theoretical framework based on E. F. Schumacher's work in Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered

EDSN engage communities through SICs by coordinates gateway programs to higher education and meaningful employment.   We make open education (creation, transmission, and use of knowledge) accessible for solving problems members view as important in contexts relevant to quality of life situations in their neighborhoods.

We believe access to appropriate and respectful solutions for bridging small but important personal quality of life gaps in each SIC will collectively have significant impact on social, academic, and economic development.   In turn, meaningful engagement in SICs, along with accompanying motivation, will allow individuals, particularly the chronic and working poor, to better navigate through socioeconomic ebbs and flows towards purposeful and dignified lives. "(See details).