The EDSN Foundation: Exploring Affordances of Digital Communities

The mission of Education for Development and Support Network Foundation (EDSN) is to explore affordances of digital technologies and entrepreneurial philanthropy in Shared Interest Communities (SIC) of autonomous individuals.   EDSN’s explorations enable self-help SICs to maximize education partnerships and development opportunities emerging technologies afford while managing side effects and responsibilities these technologies bring (See details).

In the wake of trends toward reduced government, digital education, and rapid transformations in the global economy, EDSN enables SICs to influence, and participate in, development of their communities in ways they view as important.    Enabling scaffolding support for these views fill important gaps in local community development, created by competing self-interests, that governments, businesses and traditional civic-institutions can’t afford or unwilling to provide (See details).

Areas of focus include: hubs for facilitating useful community engagements among SICs (government, local, diaspora, businesses and civic-institutions) that promote sustainable knowledge economies, infrastructure for single learner classrooms; entrepreneurial philanthropy; collective predatory socioeconomic defense; shared and transparent governance; cultural awareness; and environmental stewardship (See details).

EDSN programs provide scaffoldings for chronic and working poor SICs to promote their views of entrepreneurial philanthropy fueled by indigenous values, independent ambitions, and situations in which they find themselves.    Ownership and cultural entitlement to these programs permit SICs to systemically coalesce around what they view as important aspects of their lives against uncharted ebbs and flows of interconnected global market economies.    For example, access to meaningful education, options to pursue purposeful lives, collective predatory defense and other quality of life issues (See details).

Single Learner Classrooms (SLC) are at the core of exploring affordances of Digital Community development.    SLC promote Intellectual entrepreneurship by providing individualized, life-long Mastery Learning programs with Expert one-on-one tutoring.    They are powered by Plexlearning methodology based on Open Data and Proximal Learning Engagement (See details).

EDSN is comprised solely of Contributed Services and sponsored volunteers.  Sponsored volunteers pay their way to serve with EDSN Foundation in exploring emerging themes and best practices form building sustainable digital communities.    These themes in turn will improve our understanding of education (creation, transmission, and use of knowledge) and other 21st Century quality of life issues (See details).

EDSN is an Open Data organization that enables entrepreneurial philanthropy.  Open Data affords SIC members' proximal intelligence, access to EDSN Foundation Programs, open education support systems, counter surveillance audits, and collaborative research.    Entrepreneurial philanthropy employs complexity theory, and PlexBanking, to provide alternatives to schisms between market fundamentalist and government control narratives (See details).

The EDSN Trust Fund programs serves at least three core functions.  To be an active open case study for proximal financial education, for managing EDSN investment assets and to fund EDSN Foundation (See details).

EDSN Foundation serve as a common agency for SIC members and partners in pursuing both shared developmental interests and individual community ambitions.  EDSN's programs and services include, but not limited to, providing access to cumulative and proximal intelligence, motivational programs, organizational capacity to solve useful local problems, automated management, transparent operation, accountability, environmental stewardship, open and equitable governance (See details).