Who We Are

The EDSN Foundation is a Leader in Long-Term Community Engagement in Digital Education for Development and entrepreneurial philanthropy.

Digital education enables small, enterprising, neighborhood groups to access opportunities and privileges emerging technologies afford, while managing side effects these technologies bring.

Theoretical framework based on elements from David Colander and Roland Kupers' work in Complexity and the Art of Public Policy: Solving Society's Problems from the Bottom Up

The Education for Development and Support Network Foundation (EDSN) is a charitable trust for long-term, community engagement in digital education, development, and entrepreneurial philanthropy.

Long-term engagement in digital education is a deeply collaborative and comprehensive support system.   It involves managing trusted spaces with Artificial Intelligent Technologies (hereinafter, AIT) as authorized actors for ongoing, Deeply Collaborative Dialogues (hereinafter, DCD), and collective predatory defense, toward Community Reinvestment and Improvement (hereinafter, CRI).   Digital education (i.e. creation, transmission, and use of knowledge) informs the AIT-infrastructure that supports EDSN’s trusted spaces.   The infrastructure provides personalized conveniences which, among other things, attracts willing AIT user or owner’s participation in DCDs and to participate in mutually beneficial CRI as independent stakeholders.

Evolving system that attracts willing long-term learner participation.   AIT-authorized actors in the digital education system attract willing participation with personalized conveniences, in the learning process, development, entrepreneurial philanthropy and problem solving.   The system’s welcomed conveniences (i.e. functional utility, social agency, self-reflection, and acquired privileges) attract willing AIT owners and user’s participation in generating perpetual, data streams, academic artifacts, and metadata archives, collectively called digital artifacts.   Digital artifacts in turn are used to fine-tune welcomed personalized conveniences.   This digital distinction in digital education is made to reduce distractions from efforts to further our understandings of AIT’s emerging affordances as welcomed, autonomous, authorized agents in education.   Therefore, education with autonomous, AIT-authorized actors will be hereinafter referred to as digital-education.

Master-learning, one-on-one classrooms for everyone is now a practical matter.   Independent stakeholders use a new digital-education delivery system to engage their local community from trusted spaces.   The delivery system is for long-term, personalized, mobile, family-owned classroom-of-one (i.e. classrooms for only one person).   In this system, artifacts of accumulated knowledge and AIT social agency accompanies the owner in ongoing DCD everywhere, providing autonomous and on-demand support services.   This concept, which is discussed in details elsewhere, has potentially far reaching implications, arguable even an education reformation.

Life is about education and digital-education is life.   The digital education classroom-of-one concept with its principal-AIT-agent relationships brings into focus more practical opportunities for independent stakeholders in small community groups to invest in life-long-learning.   For examples, EDSN allows the use of personal devices as doors from trusted spaces for solving problems that small, enterprising groups view as mutually beneficial for their professional improvement, and CRI.   Independent stakeholders are now better able to provide collective-community defense from predatory governance, civic bullying, and chronic self-serving leadership.   With EDSN, digital-education, paraphrasing the philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer John Dewey (1936), is “not just preparation for life, it is life itself.”

Community engagements in digital education as an exploration.   Community engagements with EDSN Foundation in education for development is a hopeful exploration of complex, but transformative, opportunities, challenges, and social dramas from subsequent creative destructions.   This exploration is based on assumptions and many unanswered questions that include but go far beyond technological issues.   Issues of competing academic cultural disciplines, of equity of incentives, of authority and autonomy, of trust, of prioritizing what is important, of who should or is entitled to share power, and best use of limited resources are among the obvious elements at play.   Given all the issues, EDSN trusted spaces with digital education is one of the most exciting solution for empowering and protecting individual freedoms (i.e. open education, entitled access to the commons, trusted spaces for self-reflection, and opportunity to exercise the entrepreneurial spirit), and collective well-being (i.e. sustainable shared environments) - without sacrificing one for another.

So, join in the exploration.   You can explore digital education affordances with the EDSN Foundation, for a year or more, as an independent stakeholder in your desired neighborhood community.   All you need is any AIT (i.e. smart cellphone and other intelligent devices).   With EDSN your small group can have useful DCD for changing the world beginning with small CRI in your local village or neighborhood.   You may already have the needed competent skills and tools to access educational opportunities (i.e. social-utilities, valued engagement, problem solving, and entitled privileges) emerging AIT-authorized actors afford, while managing side effects (i.e. responsibilities, obligations, complex meanings, social dramas, and challenges) these technologies bring.

Ways We Can Help You Participate ...

EDSN offers safe, convenient, and trusted spaces for DCD in digital-education for CRI in keeping with the spirit of education philosopher John Dewey (1936).   Digital-education, updating Dewey’s account, is the [creation], transmission, and use of knowledge with AIT as authorized actors -- not in preparation for life, but as a way of life itself.   Approaching education as life, and vice versa, involves empowering and protecting individual freedoms (i.e. open education, access to the commons, and the entrepreneurial spirit), and collective well-being (i.e. sustainable shared environments) -- without sacrificing one for another.   So, go ahead.   Start changing the world, including yourself and your neighborhood community, by contacting EDSN Foundation.
Check here if you would like to know more about our programs listed below, or if you just want to give us your feedback:

(1) Free full feature community calendar services for showcasing local neighborhood events;
(2) Free workflow tracking and project development management services;
(3) Free Neighborhood Community webpage development and governance oversight services;
(4) Neighborhood gateway programs towards higher education, engaged citizenry, and meaningful vocations;
(5) Plexlearning education workshops in useful Computer and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications;
(6) Internships in community engagement education (creation, transmission, and use of knowledge);
(7) Collaborate in Digital Education Research and Development;
(8) Entrepreneurial Philanthropy opportunities in your neighborhood community;
(9) Cultural and environmental awareness, and perseveration programs;