Who We Are

The Education for Development and Support Network (EDSN) is an association of cost sharing Research-to-Practice-Partnerships (RPP).   EDSN uses PlexLearning programs to bridge personal development gaps between formal education, Informal Learning, vocation and a meaningful life.   PlexLearning education creates, transmits, and uses knowledge to fill development gaps in continuous, and enterprising, struggles toward purposeful lives, becoming better neighbors, and responsible stewards of our environment.

We are highly motivated Shared Interest Community (SIC) development groups.   We work in trusted, neighborhood program spaces with capacity for jumpstarting, and shepherding, projects to sustainability in ways that reduce economic entrapment and chronic helplessness.   Our RPP programs promote deeply collaborative dialogues among small SIC groups.   In these dialogues we leverage PlexLearning analytics for personal education development, reinvestment, continuous improvement, and community engagement towards long-term economic and social sustainability.

We are open-Knowledge, and technology-literacy, focused.   Our network of neighborhood technology-literacy program centers specializes in open-source PlexLearning development.   Our peer reviewed, and high quality, applications promote a culture of technical and enterprising education that advances local, long-term economic interests and promote quality of life in neighborhood communities.   EDSN’s neighborhood program centers enable people at different stages of life, career, and vocation to stay relevant and productively engaged in life-long RPPs with their local communities.

We are facilitators of PlexLearning career gateway and academic bridge programs.   PlexLearning is an education methodology for marshaling Data Science and Intelligent Technologies (IT) as authorized actors in the creation, conveyance, and use of knowledge with learners as their principals.   PlexLearning component methods, delivery systems, analytics processes and tools are collectively called PlexLearning education.

We are collaborative hubs for local neighborhood entrepreneurial philanthropy.   Our trusted program spaces, and RPPs, allow small neighborhood SIC groups to coalesce around important development issues, (reinvestment, continuous improvement, staying relevant, resource cost sharing, and long-term economic opportunities) not available if group members were working separately.   Benefits from these centers include access to: marketing; purchasing; appropriate research; social agency; proximal learning; professional oversight and other resources.   Group benefits also include development of effective governance and local leadership for, among other functions, managing collective protection against what neighborhood SIC groups view as predatory agency, economic entrapment, and hostile prejudices.

You can do better with EDSN…

If you or someone you know is highly motivated about using Intelligent Technologies (IT) to bridge gaps between formal education, Informal Learning, Life and Living, then contact us to learn how EDSN could be an effective cost-sharing Research-to-Practice-Partner (RPP) for your neighborhood group, local organization, or business.

(1) Gateway programs to higher education, careers, and vocations;

(2) Financial education, application and support program;

(3) Food security and diversity program;

(4) Community engagement Internships & fellow programs;

(5) Entrepreneurial philanthropy and cost-sharing programs;

(6) Cultural and environmental awareness programs.

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PlexLearning is a hybrid of machine learning and education methodologies for using learning artifacts and data sciences to marshal Intelligent Technologies (IT) as authorized actors in the creation, conveyance, and use of knowledge with individual learners as their principals.
The PlexLearning enterprise of component methods, learning analytics, infrastructure, delivery systems, philosophy, ways of knowing, processes, learner agents and tools are collectively referred to as PlexLearning education.
Theoretical framework is based on elements from selected works, which include but not limited to, the philosopher John Dewey; R. Buckminster Fuller; E. F. Schumacher's work in Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered; David Colander and Roland Kupers in Complexity and the Art of Public Policy: Solving Society's Problems from the Bottom Up; and Hernando De Soto in The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else.